Another female, black business owner!

If you don’t already have a blushed candle in your life, it’s too late; just kidding. Join in on my conversation with ig:@blushedcandles founder, Adrienne Fenton as she discusses her new candle business which will hold it’s launch at Culture Coffee Too in Washington, DC. See post on ig:@millennialtaste for more deets!

The American Dream: A dream within itself?

We’ve all heard the topic of immigration being discussed on many media outlets, but have we ever really stopped to think about what conditions immigrants in our country are subject to everyday; And after we really analyze their situation, is the American dream really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Why did it end this way, Marcus?

On this episode of rulisteningreally, Nia crosses two things off of her lists of firsts and you can’t imagine what they are. Tune into this episode and get to know the special guest Marcus Andrews @astoldbymarcus, oh and follow us on ig too now @rulisteningreally!

Originally Dated: December 2nd 2017

Take Me Back to November

Take me back to November said Tyler the Creator on the twelfth track of his new album, Flower Boy. If you haven’t listened to it now, drop everything, grab your headphones and visit Youtube now to get your life. If you haven’t seen Big Little Lies, drop everything, grab your headphones, subscribe to the HBO streaming service free trial and get your life. It’s November, listeners, that means punkin pie, changing leaves, hopefully some snow in the future forecast, and fun with family for the holidays, can’t wait to share all that I have in store as we wind down 2017 together.

Originally Dated: November 8th 2017

What’s a glass ceiling to a concrete wall?

Barhoom Brands co-founder Cassandra Duchan is the bees knees of business women. For more information about Barhoom Brands, or if you’re interested in subscribing to one of their personalized, stylish barhoom bags visit Email us at so we can discuss more of your favorite topics on the show.

Are you listening, we’re gonna put it all together

Wow, more financial tips? This podcast just gets better and better, don’t worry, there’s more to come. I want to ties a few loose ends from my previous podcast and break down some terms before I summarize my helpful long term investment tips. Tune in to the next podcast where I brief you on my time at the Washington, DC Amazon Alexa Dev Day! Dated October 16th

Are you listening to these long term investment tips?

Welcome to my very first podcast. While this podcast introduces the idea of financial investing from a millennial point of view, it will cover a myriad of other topics. So take a listen and enjoy my first podcast where I discuss index funds, real estate investment funds, and other useful long term investment tips.